Report of the eighteenth national tournament

The AIKIA Full Contact Contact Committee, kickboxing, hosted its eighteenth national championship, with 638 fps from the 25 provinces of the country, for online registration and tournaments in two full days.

Thanks to the Tehran Police Chief of Staff. The security of the tournament was secured by the Chief of the Police Sports Committee and the representative of Tehran Province in coordination with Colonel Babaei and Lt. Col. Grossi and Lt. Col. Gromi and the Special Police Officer inside and outside the venue.

Men's tournaments start at 9am and after checking the weight at 10am on Friday, 5/11/2013, at four tatami, and at 23 o'clock.

The women's tournament starts at 9am and ends after a check at 11am on Thursday, 4/11/2013 at three tatami and ended at 22 o'clock.

The dormitory was set up at the Suntab Hotel (Imam Shrine), and the Race players were transferred to the saloon at 7:30 am with buses previously set.

The ambulance and the doctor were the ladies and gentlemen.

Borders: Before the women's final, they were resting for half an hour in order to reduce the stress of the players, playing a local Kurdish music that had a great deal of excitement on the women's fixtures.

Strengths: The unprecedented presence and registration of players online, the physical receipt of players 'records on a regular basis in a boxing club called any province, the presence of special forces for the relaxation and security of the players' hall, the women's and women's competitions in one day Completed three rounds of refereeing for referees Ladies and Gentlemen gave a certain confidence in the tournament, and also the presence of more than 10 male and female referees with first degree arbitration

Improveable points: In the next few years, he traveled and signed up, training a 6-member executive team for women.


The lack of support of the delegations covered by the Tehran Provincial Council for the presence of Tehran's heroes.

First to third joint champions of youth and adult men and women after obtaining permission from the competent council of the federation and the council on the frontier council on the date announced by the committee will be invited to elect the selected team.

The presence of the chairman of the committee and all provincial representatives of the committee in 28 provinces of the country encouraged everyone.

Finally, I would like to thank the law enforcement force of Tehran, the Great Fateb, from all the officials of the Federation of Respected Martial Arts, the Secretariat of the Metropolitan Commission, the Head of the Martial Organization of Tehran Province, Kalantari Razi, Colonel Ahmadipour, Mahyar Abu Al Fatti, Colonel Babaei and Sargad Garasi, Mrs. Morteza Asadi, Mohammad Akbari , Rezaei, Sohrabi, Abolfazl Haji Baba'i, Mohammad Pazoki, Tohid Erfaniankhah, Mohammad Noori, Hamed Ahmadi, Ali Aliyati, Yousef Aminian, Abbasi, Javad Shakiba Matin, Zandieh, Honored Medical Staff, Regular Staff of Aftab Hotel, Wave Newspaper The children of the AIKIA Central Club, the respectable cadre of judges led by Professor Judri and the cadre Dear judge, Ms. Mehrangiz Amini, President of the Ardebil delegation, Mr. Abdi, Mr. Ata Talah Yousefi, Alhine Saleh Yousefi, President of the Qom Province Council, Mr. Yazdi, Mrs. Mahnaz Amini, Mrs. Nastaran Karimi, and AIKIA Headquarters head Mr. Derfshan, Ms. Maroufi, Mrs. Hamidi, we are grateful.