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This academy is licensed by the American College of Karate and the Free American Martial Arts Academy in the state of Virginia. The founders and educators of this organization are among the world's greatest martial arts champions and professors. The institute was founded by a great professor named Jahan Jo Lewis, the father of American karate and founder of kickboxing, Bill Wallace Petelaee, Dr. Jeff Smith and Dr. Jerry Payley. Dr. Bessley is currently managing the global organization, which is the most prestigious independent teaching and training center for karate, full contact and kickboxing.

Introducing Academy Founder and Style

Fereydoon Maliki's headquarters in the 40s, two sons, Fereydoun and Farshad, opened up in an athlete's family less than four years old. Their father, Mr. Gholam Maleki, was one of the athletes and sports heroes at the time when he still has seventy-five years of age in sport, who is interested in this sport. In 1353 we witnessed the arrival of one of the most talented people in the Kong Fu sport. This 11-year-old boy was nothing but Fereydoun Maliki, who, after a long time, had gained the attention of all, with his unique achievements. From the age of 16, he entered full-time sport under the supervision of Professor Abdul Salam Yasini (Black Belt Officer at the age of 17). The Saidian club in Monirieh Square was the first place where he trained for the first time in a professional manner. The titles mastered by Fereydoun Maliki in those years have been: - To win the title of the Freestyle Karate Cup in Iran in 1982. - The World Champion in 1991: This prestigious official arrived in a breathtaking final against the King of the Rings of the world "Tira Nawaiki" and after 6 rounds (29 minutes), after which Master Maliki became the world's king of rims. Gave - Representative of the American College of Karate (AIKIA) in the Middle East. - Obtain the title of US coach in 2000-2003. Master Frieden Maleki taught eight world champions during his coaching career and was one of the few trainers in his class to have completed additional training in his class of more than fifty athletes with black belt. It can be said that a lot of heroes of the current Iranian Renegade sports have been his students. It is also worth noting that the gentlemen Timur Parsa-Orb, Farid Darvar and Bahram Dastan were his followers. Master Maliki died in a traffic accident in 2005. Obviously, the world of sports will not experience him like him for many years

Chairman of style


Jafar Erfanian Shah Full Contact Manager - Kicking Boxing AIKIA Karate Exclusive Representative of AIKIA College in Iran and the Middle East Member of the Association of Famous Martial Arts Teachers AIKIA Cambodian 6 from the US College of Karate Licensed National Coach Boxing Coach License from the Karate Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran arbitration degree Referee kickboxing from Karate Federation Islamic Republic of Iran a member of the examination Committee martial arts Federation Islamic Republic of Iran head coach Kick Boxing (LOW KICK) martial arts Federation Islamic Republic Sheehan J. Erfaniyan or record title 98 official matches 93 Win - 1 m Savi has lost 4 points

Introducing myths in Iran

The late Professor Fereydoun Maliki is undoubtedly one of the most enduring and well-known figures in the world of kickboxing. The professional world champion in 1991 was awarded to him in a breathtaking final against the King of the Rings of the Tira Narayaki and after 6 rounds (29 minutes), after which Master Maliki became the world's king of rings. . Professor Shi Han Dai Farshad Maliki also received the World Boxing Shootout from Japan in the same race with his professional and unique championship. He is currently representing Germany's Boxing Shot

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Social responsibility


  • Children of Down syndrome < Menalgism>

    Down syndrome, also known as meningitis in the past, is a genetic condition that has various symptoms, including major malformations in the functioning of various organs of the body and the problems of learning and delayed growth. In the part of the four dungee of Islamshahr, there is a school called Kusar, which preserves these children called the "angels of heaven". Since 2007, I am honored to serve these loved ones financially, which is part of the annual income of the committee to these loved ones

  • Bench children

    The Charity Foundation for the Protection of Children with Cancer, abbreviated as "Mahak", in the form of a nonprofit, non-governmental organization with a high level of support for children under the age of 16 and their families, has been active in advanced national and international levels. . The AIKIA Committee will give these loved ones part of the proceeds of the tournament on all international events

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  • Narcotics Anonymous

    For the first time in human history, there has been an easy way to save addicts, which has been shown to have had a profound effect on many of them. This app is a simple spiritual plan called anonymous addicts. Narcotics Anonymous (NA), an umbrella organization called "NA", is a global community of people whose members belong to different cultures and speak different languages. The AIKIA family has been proud to be proud of its supporters of NA and the fighters who have fought with the giants of addiction, and the members of this association, in addition to providing spiritual and financial assistance, can attend all our clubs for free. They have

  • Special Diseases Foundation

    Because of the high prevalence of certain diseases in the country and the high cost of treatment, the lack of definitive treatment for them, and the inability of many people to carry out long and continuous work and endure the financial and psychological pressure of their families, on May 18, 1996 At the same time as the Global Thalassemia Day, the Charity Foundation began its activities. The athletes of the AIKIA family, in attendance at the care centers of these patients, provide them with a social responsibility to all these loved ones by providing any material and spiritual help to these loved ones as well as supporting social groups such as the Trnm Group

  • Society for the protection of MS patients in Iran

    Multiple Sclerosis is a debilitating disease that affects the brain and the spinal cord, resulting in loss of control, vision, balance, and sensation. In MS, the nerves of the brain and the spinal cord are damaged by the immune system, which is called autoimmune disease. Although there is no healing for MS, treatment and care can reduce the risk of MS attacks and the rate of progression of the disease. Doctors believe that exercise can greatly reduce the risk of such diseases. The AIKIA family, with its material assistance and spiritual support, provides its patients and their families with their support for this community

  • The family of war veterans and firefighters

    The proud families of war veterans who have traveled everything to defend and protect the Islamic nation of Iran, as well as dear families and firefighters, whose duty is to protect people's health, prevent damage to property and protect the environment. These are the ones who can work freely in all our clubs in Iran



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